Stone Groove Photography

Elegant and discerning photography.

Life is really a series of moments.  We recall the memorable ones and cherish them - not only for ourselves, but to share them with the ones we love.  Photography - even in the digital age, is still the most elegant and practical treasury for those memories.

Thank you for stopping by my site today.  I'm an independent photographer who wants to help you preserve those special moments in a way that will keep them alive and meaningful forever.

Please take a look at my photographs - perhaps we can capture a memory together.

- Christopher Noon

Frontrow is a full-screen portfolio template that allows images to be showcased at the maximum size.

Gallery Style Options

The primary feature in Frontrow is the full screen gallery. Images in galleries can be full or fit the screen, and this can be adjusted in the Style Editor. Gallery images can advance on click or can play automatically.

Top header.

Top header.

Bottom header.

Bottom header.

 The header spans across the images on gallery pages and can be positioned on the top or bottom of the page. 

Header Alignment Options

There are many ways to stylize the header and links in Frontrow. Its width can be constrained to the width of the content or the width of the entire site. The header in Frontrow can be easily customized to align to the left, right, or center. 

Left aligned header.

Center aligned header.

Right aligned header.

Header Navigation Options

The header navigation can be styled as well. The site title and navigation links can be displayed adjacent to each other, split on opposite ends of the page, or stacked with the site title on top of the links. When the navigation is centered, the links will always be stacked beneath the site title.

Normal navigation.

Split navigation.

Stacked navigation.

Blog Sidebar Options

The blog page for Ishimoto can be customized to have a sidebar on the left, right, or none at all.

Left sidebar.

No sidebar.

Right sidebar.

Page Alignment Options

The main content of the page can be set to align to the left, right, or center.

Left aligned page.

Center aligned page.

Right aligned page.